STAR GIRLZ EMPOWERMENT, Inc. is an innovative mentoring organization for girls ages 10 to 18. We bring a new level of empowerment to our STARZ through self-awareness. As we come together with other community leaders to create unique programs for our STARZ to engage in, we believe this will change mindsets, capabilities and stimulate visions and dreams so that every STAR will be able to shine again.

Our organization’s focus is to MENTOR, EMPOWER, and TRANSFORM as many young ladies as we can by letting them know they are valuable, relevant and STARZ. A STAR is simply represented as a symbol of excellence or someone who is exceptionally talented. As our young ladies transition into adulthood, we understand that they can lose passion to dream big dreams, work hard and continue being outstanding when they are faced with tough challenges of life. The problem progresses through things and or people who are portrayed in the media and have a strong impact on our young girls, amongst other factors such as peer pressure, and lack of role models or examples to groom them. They appear to have lost their shine and desire to accomplish their dreams.
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