What We Do

Our unique programs and activities set our STARZ apart because they learn that they are the creator of their own future and are able to create their path through strategic group mentoring, effective empowerment courses, and transformational activities. We focus on preparing our young ladies for society, future education endeavors and personal change. We seek to fill those gaps where young ladies can be successful and productive. Our vision is to equip our ladies to identify and navigate through any objective and circumstance they face in life.

Mentoring, Empowering, Transforming!

We develop strong partnerships with parents, community agencies, and educational organizations for participant referrals into our program. Although we focus on underserved families and individuals, our program is designed for:

  • Any young lady who is currently in 5th through 12th grade
  • Any young lady who may be experiencing circumstances that may jeopardize their ability to function in society, school, and/or at home in a healthy way
  • Any young lady who is ready to meet/make new friends
  • Any young lady who has a desire to change, yet need someone to guide you
  • Any young lady who is looking to have fun in a safe environment
  • Any young lady ready to give back to their community through creative ideas

All of our programs and activities meet our STARZ where they are in order to set them up for present and future success