STAR Light ~ An 8 month program designed for girls who are at risk for possible suspension, or have been suspended one or more times due to behavior, truancy, or disciplinary issues. Those who are looking to SHINE, meet new people and get involved in the community are also welcomed to join. This program runs during the school year and focuses on girls in the community who are in 5th-12th grade. Girls in this program will participate in five empowerment courses that runs September through May. Participants in this program meet after school twice a week on designated days in a group setting for two hours per class. All participants are required to complete a community service project as a class, and participate in at least 2 service learning activities of their choice along with the five empowerment courses. Each participant will meet with assigned mentors for 4-8 hours during each month as a group. The goal for this program is to guide each participant to have a well-rounded idea of self-awareness. Upon successful completion of this program, each STAR will have the ability to attend our annual Night of STARZ banquet.

GUIDING Light ~ A year long program for girls who are involved in the court system on probation for delinquent behavior to include gang involvement. This is an outpatient mentoring program that focuses on girls who are currently court ordered for probation/parole by the juvenile justice system for issues that has prohibited them to effectively navigate through social, emotional, personal, and educational challenges. This is a yearlong program. Girls in this program will participate in all six of the empowerment courses that run from January to December. Participants in this program meet twice a week in the evening, in a structured group setting for two hours. Participants are required to complete 2 community service projects as a class, participate in 4 service learning activities and meet with their mentors for 4 hours a month as a group. Individual sessions can be provided based on parental, staff, or court requests and must be approved by the court. The goal for this program is to restructure negative behaviors in order to decrease recidivism. Each participant in both programs will be able to participate in a Night of STARZ banquet upon successful completion!