This program offers five core courses and one bonus course specific to fit today’s millennial girls and the issues that they are facing. It consists of individual empowerment in a group setting and empowers girls to discover the STAR within themselves. These courses inspire girls to reach personal achievement through overcoming challenges that arise during this transitional age. Participants enrolled in one of the mentoring programs are required to take these courses, however, courses are offered to girls throughout the community who are not participating in the mentoring program. Classes range from 4-6 weeks. Specific days will be announced prior to the start date of the course session. Upon successful completion of each course, all participants will be provided with a certificate of completion. 

Description of classes: Each session is 6-8 weeks long

Please NOTE! Enrollment in our Empowerment program begins in June of each year and classes begin in September. 

Session 1: Gleam ~ (Where do I go from here) This class focuses on life directions and future educational/career choices. Each participant will explore options for post-secondary and career opportunities. 11th and 12th graders will be able to participate in the College Tour. (Registration: August 2017)

Session 2: Sparkle ~ (The best in ME) This class focuses on the importance of self-image & creating a healthy lifestyle. Young ladies in this program will begin to understand their body changes during puberty and go through etiquette training. (Registration: October 2017) 

Session 3: Twinkle ~ (I am SOMEBODY) This class focuses on self-esteem and an induction into a new sisterhood. We learn to build self-confidence and way to create healthy relationships. We also focus on sex education while providing peer accountability partners. (Registration: December 2017)

Session 4: Dazzle ~ (My Purpose) This class focuses on goal setting. Our young ladies achieve personal accomplishments through setting goals in a unique way. In addition to learning how to set goals, our young ladies are also able to reflect on their personal purpose in life. (Registration: February 2017)

Session 5: Glow ~ (I can’t take it anymore) This class focuses on peer pressure and the effects of bullying. Our young ladies gain an understanding on the effects of being a victim and/or an offender of bullying. We explore personal issues and behavior in a safe, confidential environment. (Registration: April 2018)

Session 6: Glitter ~ (I have the POWER) This class Focuses on overcoming Addictions and Trauma. We aim to bring awareness to young girls regarding the effects of early substance use and healthy ways to cope with stress, depression and trauma. This course is offered as an option to those enrolled in the starlight program, but is required for the guiding light mentoring program. (Registration: June 2018)